Fungal Infections

The most common fungal infecction in a dog is Ringworm, also called Dermatophytosis, and is a contagious infection.

It is usually found in young dogs, and it is caught from other dogs and animals.

The ringworm spores can be found in soil, where they can exist for months at a time. An animal coming into contact with the infected soil becomes a carrier and can then infect other animals.

Ringworm on a dog looks like a red circle with ale centres and it causes areas of hair loss, scaling, crusting causing constant dog scratching or licking and biting. It can also result in secondary baterial infection.

Ringworm is infectious and can be passed on to humans. Therefore, it should be treated quickly. Effective treatment is a combination of prescribed antifungal drugs and the use of antifungal shampoo like DermOpt dog shampoo. The medication should continued until three negative fungal cultures have been taken by the Vet, to ensure that it is completely gone.

To further prevent infection, the dog's beddings, collars, leads, coats, blankets should either be thoroughly disinfected with bleach, using a concentration of 125ml to 1 litre of water and then spray with SanOpt Sanitiser Spray which cleans and disinfects, and protects the for up to seven days at a time.  Better still, if cost is not a problem, you can dispose of these items and give your dog a fresh start with a new set of creature comforts.

Take advice from your Vet on the best course of action to resolve this particular dog skin problem.