Dog Fleas Control

Fleas are normally found on dogs, and therefore flea control is an important part of the regular skin care and grooming routine for your pet.Small fleas in dog hair

Fleas are tiny insects that live in the dog skin cells. The flea life cycle is about three weeks for dogs that live indoors. Although small, the flea can be responsible for a range of dog skin problems, one of the most common being flea allergic dermatitis. It is the flea bite that the dog reacts to, and such a reaction can make an existing skin condition even worse.

Fleas can cause skin inflammation and crusting, and will cause itching skin particularly in the dog's hind legs, back and flanks. If the reaction is severe, the  itchy skin your dog experiences will cause it to scratch and bite itself, causing more problems and possibly secondary infections.

Flea control is achieved by the use of medication such as Advantage, Frontline which are drops that are administered to the dog about once a quarter. It can also be controlled by use of topical treatment in the form of a bath using dog shampoo such as DermOpt Shampoo, used together with DermOpt Skin Conditioner or Grooming Spray

It is also important to keep the dog's bed and the home environment clear of fleas, by cleaning using sprays that kill the adult flea and break up the life cycle of the flea, such as SanOpt Sanitiser Spray. Carpets and soft furnishings should be sprayed and cleaned thoroughly, with special attention given to the dog's favourite places. Beddings and other material should be washed at high temperatures, and hard surfaces sprayed and wiped thoroughly using  SanOpt Sanitiser Spray.

If the symptoms of dog itching or scratching does not stop, there may be an underlying problem and you are advised to visit your vet for more complete diagnosis.

3 thoughts on “Dog Fleas Control

  1. I have 2 yorkies and 1 border collie
    I have tried all of the antie flee and tick medicines bath them once a week brush them regulary TO NO AVAIL My vet bill for my one yorkie is R1800.00 a year for his skin problems caused by fleas CAN ANYBODY HELP

  2. Hi Bruce, skin problems can be tricky to diagnose and treat. However, have a look at this Vet Report. It may be just what you are looking for. I do know that the product has had very good reviews from a Yorkie owner.

  3. I consider that grooming your pet is a vital part of being a pet owner. Grooming your canine helps you accomplish many things. It gives you time to spend time with your dog and also clean and cut there coats to make them look better and shinier. So instead of applying fleabusters, just groom your pet and keep your environment clean.

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