Dog Grooming

Dog owners should help their dogs maintain a healthy coat by carrying out regular grooming of the dog coat. The grooming ensures that dead hair is removed, as well as any extra bits the dog may be carrying about in its coat. In addition, the grooming helps you to examine the coat more closely to check for any hidden problems, and helps you bond more closely with your dog. Be sure to learn the dog grooming tips necessary to help you do this.


Benefits of Grooming


The benefits of dog grooming are:

  1. promoting bonding between you and your pet
  2. stimulating the blood flow to the skin which then promotes normal skin and hair growth
  3. making your pet's coat look shiny and healthy as the natural oils circulate to the coat
  4. providing opportunity to identify early warning signs of fleas, ticks or other skin irritations

Basic grooming is essential and quite straightforward, so pet owners do not need to be afraid of getting into this routine with their pet. Regular grooming is essential to your dog's health and well being, and there are also medical reasons why grooming should be a part of your dog’s health program. Grooming is used to describe the following set of functions:

  1. Brushing and combing the coat
  2. Bathing and drying
  3. Coat hair trimming and cutting
  4. Paw and Nail care
  5. Ear cleaning
  6. Anal gland expression

You should carry out some of these functions yourself if you are able to,  in particular the brushing and combing. By doing this, you will be able to check your dog closely for any problems that may be developing. Some of the other aspects of grooming should be done by professional groomers.

Brushing helps to prevent large amounts of hair from accumulating in the coat and ending up on  clothes and furniture. It also stimulates the blood supply to the dog's skin. Brushing should be done on a regular basis for short periods of about 5-10 minutes each day. New hair can form once the old hair has been removed.

Bathing the dog using suitable dog shampoo such as DermOpt dog shampoo will help to get rid of loose dead hair and  stimulate circulation to the dog skin. Best of all, bathing helps to remove dog odours and makes your dog smell just great.

For those dogs that just love to spend time outdoors, you can use DermOpt Grooming Spray as often as you like without having to give the dog a bath.

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